Misconceptions of ownCloud Encryption

Our organisation aykit is developing ownCloud notes applications for mobile devices. aykit is a non-profit organisation and we invest our spare time to develop those applications. The last couple of weeks we spent some time trying to figure out what exactly ownCloud encryption is doing. As it turns out, there is a big misconception of the real purpose of the ownCloud encryption app.

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Securing the Internet of Things? How about securing the Internet first?

The non-profit organization I am part of, aykit, recently released an Android Version and it’s sources for ownCloud Notes. Having ownCloud Notes, you add and edit notes using your ownCloud server. This is quite convenient and a good replacement for proprietary tools provided by google, Apple and others.

After releasing our app, we got feedback regarding our lack of support for http. Yes, it is true, we are only supporting https connections at the moment. To be frank, most of the tools we use in our daily work are only accessible through https as well. This article is about why we think this should be the norm.

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