Digital Ocean Blocking IPv6 Mail Traffic && A Python Search and Replace One Liner

I got nearly insane yesterday, so let this be your warning: Digital Ocean is blocking IPv6 mail traffic…. on purpose.

To deactivate IPv6 in RHEL 7, go to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, change IPV6INIT=yes to IPV6INIT=no and reboot. I have to admit, it would have been far better to leave IPv6 enabled and route mail traffic over IPv4. Anyway, I got distracted by list comprehensions and generator expressions, which resulted in this one-liner to deactivate IPv6 “automatically” (valid only for RHEL derivates and Python > 3.3):

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Misconceptions of ownCloud Encryption

Our organisation aykit is developing ownCloud notes applications for mobile devices. aykit is a non-profit organisation and we invest our spare time to develop those applications. The last couple of weeks we spent some time trying to figure out what exactly ownCloud encryption is doing. As it turns out, there is a big misconception of the real purpose of the ownCloud encryption app.

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